What does downtime cost you?

What does downtime cost you?

How reliant are you on your computer systems? Would a period of time without access to your emails, files, or the Internet cost you productivity, profit or reputation? Can you be sure that your backups are running properly every night, safeguarding all of your important files?

There’s often no obvious indication that something’s going wrong until it’s too late – the disk is full, or the server’s crashed, or you find your backups haven’t been working for a few weeks when you suddenly need them. Then you have the stress not only of recovering whatever’s failed but also of losing potential or existing customers during the downtime. On top of that, ‘emergency’ repairs tend to be either quick fixes that don’t last, or expensive due to the need to rush-ship replacement parts or out-of-hours working.

What if there was a way to detect the warning signs of something going wrong, before it’s too late?

What if you could be alerted during the evening if there was a problem with your office’s Internet connection, or could know, early in the morning before you set off to work, that your company’s systems were all up and running, leaving you to concentrate on your business? A monitoring solution provided by Intuition Tech is the answer!

We can provide you with a system that keeps an eye on as much or as little of your computer systems as you require, giving you a quick overview of what’s up or down, or a detailed breakdown of each component’s functioning.

  • Want to keep an eye on multiple office locations, or the speed of your Internet connection? No problem.
  • Concerned that your storage space might be filling up more quickly than you’d expected? No problem.
  • Need to be alerted if something stops responding, or the temperature’s getting a bit high in your server room? No problem.

Even if you don’t have your own in-house IT experts, we can help – we can provide you with a simplistic overview, allowing you to keep an eye on things at a basic level, whilst we monitor all the detailed technical stuff remotely for you.

If you don’t keep an eye on your technology, you’re almost guaranteeing yourself downtime!

However, if you’re proactively monitoring it, you can be assured that last night’s backup actually did run, you can prepare for a full disk, or plan to replace a server that’s close to failing.

Furthermore, we can be ready to assist you, ensuring you have suitable replacement parts in advance of an actual failure, thus saving you from the headache of system downtime.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation discussion about how we can keep your systems running smoothly and help you avoid costly downtime!