Network Services

Could the tech you have be doing more?

Network Health Check

As part of our network services, we offer a tailored network health check service that can optimise the tech you already have and suggest new solutions that will take the stress out of the system, giving you the best value from your existing health

We have over a decade of experience and knowledge – let us use it to ensure that your system is giving you its all. We’ll provide you with a report, highlighting any concerns that we have regarding your system’s security and reliability, making recommendations based on the age of your tech, its configuration and the security of your data. We can provide quotations for new tech and upgrades and offer preferential installation rates if you are interested in making improvements as a result of the health check.

Installation of Software and Hardware

Is your software a little dated? Want to upgrade it to something newer but not sure how?
We can offer advice on the best product for your needs based upon the equipment that you already have and instahardware installationll it for you in-situ.

Want to install new hardware or upgrade what you currently have? Don’t know your RAM from your graphics card? Luckily we do! We’re here to help you with any upgrade project you’re facing – from a single computer to a multi-site network, we have experience with systems of all sizes.

Wondering if the quotation you’ve been supplied with is good value for money? Let us give you some independent advice; we’d also be pleased to provide you with a competitive estimate to compare it with.

Give us a call now to see how we can help.

Network Monitoring Service

Need to have immediate notification of any system failures? Want to be on top of any network issues the moment that they happen? Want one of those fancy network monitoring solutions you see in the movies? We can install a tailored monitoring package that will do just that!network monitoring

Collect live data from all your computer systems, integrate with existing equipment and get notifications any time something happens. We can provide you with a full monitoring and data-logging solution, coupled with a system status display you can project on a wall or show on a screen in your office, tailored to your requirements and drilling down to the level of detail you require, all at a very reasonable cost!

Don’t have the time or expertise in-house to keep track of how your system’s functioning? We can monitor your systems on your behalf and let you know what’s going on in simple, non-technical¬†terms.

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